Gérard Bertrand


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Winemaker's note

Gérard Bertrand reveals the history of the great terroirs of the South of France. The first written trace of the Abbey of Saint Hilaire date back to 825. The Abbey is located near Limoux and is famous for having housed the monks who discovered the secret of effervescent wines.

Winegrower's note

The Grapes are harvested when their acid-sugar balance reach their best. The fruit is transferred to the winery and immediately pressed in a pneumatic pressing machine. In addition to the reinforcement of the perception of freshness and balance, the dosage is very precise. The Pinot Noir grapes are not macerated, in order to preserve their colour. The must is transferred to the vats for an alcoholic fermentation, using the same process used for still wine. After the malolactic fermentation in the vats, the wine is blended and then transferred to the barrels to mature for 8 months.

Tasting notes

Beautiful, salmon-pink colour with glimmering reflections. A complex bouquet with longlasting aromas of red fruit - strawberry and raspberry - backed with hints of toasted bread. Delicate bubbles and an extraordinary vivacity on the palate, with a rich, indulgent texture.

Food and Wine Pairing

Perfect served as an aperitif at 10°C, accompanying delicately smoked fish, both savoury and sweet or spicy dishes, or even with red fruit desserts.