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Clos du Temple

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clos du temple 2019 vin bio biodynamie meilleur rose du monde languedoc Cabrières
clos du temple 2019 vin bio biodynamie meilleur rose du monde languedoc Cabrières
Clos du Temple 2019

Situated in the heart of the Languedoc region in the South of France, it is Clos du Temple born on the historic terroir of Cabrières, the cradle of rosé wines. As early as 1357, Cabrières wines were served at official banquets and were consecrated on the tables of the Sun King, endowed with the brilliant "royally controlled" appellation. In 2020, the 2019 vintage Clos du Temple is named Best Rosé Wine in the World" by The Drinks Business magazine.


This iconic rosé is an invitation to discover an alchemy: that of an exceptional terroir, unequalled know-how, a bottle with symbolic curves. A rosé wine unique in the world, which will sublimate exceptional dinners and moments of celebration.

To magnify this rosé, a unique bottle was needed. The bottle Clos du Temple is an exclusive creation by Gérard Bertrand's teams. A geometrical representation of the temple, whose elegant proportions are inspired by the golden section, the Phi : The square base, symbol of the earth, takes up the cubic foundations, the cylinder elevation is intended as an evocation of the connection between earthly and celestial forces. The dome, a perfect circle on the shoulders of the bottle, is adorned with a fine gold decoration to underline the gentle curves of the hills surrounding the Clos du Temple. The Bleu Royal is a tribute to King Louis XIV, a great lover of Cabrières wines.

Character & Nature

Clos du Temple is an exceptional place magnified by the know-how of its people.

The vineyard of the Clos du Templeis composed of 8 hectares, made up of 7 small plots clinging to the hillside, naturally enclosed by the relief and vegetation.

In Au Clos du Temple, the vine is cultivated in Biodynamics. The work of the horse and the mule promote the connection between the mineral, the plant, the animal and the human. The manual harvesting in boxes is done at daybreak in order to benefit from the night-time thermal lowering and thus preserve the freshness of the berries. Each plot is harvested at the optimum date and vinified separately.


The unique blend of 4 red grape varieties (grenache, cinsault, syrah and mourvèdre) and one white grape variety (viognier) gives this rosé its uniqueness, a perfect balance, ample, with great length, carried by a beautiful freshness.

As the winery is located in the heart of the vineyard, transport time is minimal. The best juices are then selected. The cold pressing (5°C) preserves the aromas and freshness and prevents the juice from becoming coloured, by blocking the natural pigments (anthocyanins). Before fermentation at low temperature, a settling of the must for 24 hours at a controlled temperature between 8 and 10°C is carried out without adding sulphur. The wine is aged in new French oak barrels (oak from the Tronçais and Jupilles forest) for 6 to 8 months on fine lees with stirring. The wines are blended one day with fruit, according to the biodynamic astral calendar, which is favourable for tasting.

Clos du Temple "The Rise"