From Vine to Vintage: the journey of Gérard Bertrand and his wine empire


Birth in Narbonne

Gérard Bertrand was born in Narbonne in 1965, marking the beginning of a life that would be deeply intertwined with the art of winemaking and viticulture in the region.


First Harvest with Georges Bertrand

At the age of ten, Gérard participated in his first grape harvest alongside his father, Georges Bertrand. This early experience would lay the foundation for his future career in the wine industry.

His father, passed on his vision to him: a taste for precise work and pride in his origins. The drive for excellence was set in motion, and it would never leave him.


Early Career

These values of high standards and rigor, Gérard Bertrand also applies them on the field, in the practice of his other passion: rugby. Very soon, wine and rugby became his pillars. Gérard Bertrand even undertook an international career as a rugby player.

A career which he chose to interrupt to dedicate himself to the family vineyard, which he has been managing alone since he was 22 years old, following the death of his father.


Acquisition of the Cigalus Estate

Gérard Bertrand acquired the Cigalus Estate in 1995, which then became his family's home. This acquisition marked a significant expansion of his winegrowing empire.


Purchase of Château l'Hospitalet

In 2002, Gérard Bertrand expanded his holdings by acquiring Château l'Hospitalet, which also features a hotel and restaurant.

This year also marked the beginning of biodynamic wine production at Cigalus, emphasizing sustainable viticulture.

Gamme1_Credit_AlexiaRoux COTE DES ROSES


Launch of Cote des Roses and Naturae

2013 saw the introduction of Cote des Roses and Naturae wines, enhancing Bertrand's portfolio with these innovative brands that emphasize the unique terroir of the Languedoc region.


Opening of Cap Insula

The Cap Insula center was inaugurated in 2014, serving as a state-of-the-art facility for winemaking and eco-friendly bottling processes.


Publication of "La Nature au Cœur"

In 2020, Bertrand released another book titled "La Nature au Cœu," published by Albin Michel.

This year also marked Emma Bertrand joining the group, continuing the family legacy.


20th Anniversary of Jazz at l'Hospitalet Festival

The 20th anniversary of the Jazz Festival at l'Hospitalet was celebrated in 2023. This event underscored Bertrand's commitment to combining culture with viticulture.

He was also named the Best Winemaker in the world by Drinks Business.


Largest Biodynamic Vineyard

In 2024, Bertrand's operations achieved recognition as the largest certified biodynamic vineyard in the world. The group also initiated 65 partnerships aimed at transitioning traditional vineyards to organic practices.

Château l'Hospitalet Wine Resort was acknowledged by Small Luxury Hotel of the World, and Laurent Chabert earned a green star from the Michelin Guide for his culinary excellence at the resort.