The know-how of Gérard Bertrand, winemaker from Languedoc and Roussillon, owner of 16 Châteaux, wine estates and Grand vin.

Story of a family passion for wine

Gérard Bertrand wines are above all a family affair.

Three generations of winegrowers, from Paule to Georges, then Gérard Bertrand.

In 1975, Georges Bertrand introduced his son Gérard, then ten years old, to grape harvesting on the Château de Villemajou in Corbières. Georges Bertrand played a precursory role in the revelation of the terroirs of Languedoc, he opened the way to the recognition of the Boutenac cru. Gérard Bertrand has been sharing his passion for wine and his convictions as well as his father's pioneering spirit for more than 30 years. A fourth generation is in the making. Gérard Bertrand's rare talent as an assembler is shared with his team. A unique know-how, transmitted and cultivated with his wife Ingrid, and his two children, Emma and Mathias.

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The practice of biodynamics

Gérard Bertrand and his teams are convinced that a viticulture in harmony with nature is the best way to bring terroir wines to the highest level of excellence. This winegrowing method allows us to produce wines that are representative of all the nuances of the terroirs of the South of France.

Biodynamic agriculture is similar to vine homeopathy. It consists of the use of compost and herbal teas from biodynamic plants. Biodynamics takes into consideration all the natural elements that surround the vine and is based on cosmic rhythms.

The conversion of the estates to biodynamic agriculture was initiated in 2002 on the Domaine de Cigalus. Today, all the vineyards are cultivated in biodynamic farming following the strict rules of the DEMETER label. By 2023, all of its vineyards will have completed their conversion to certification, to the benefit of nature, wine-growing teams and wine consumers.

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The values of the Gérard Bertrand Group

Excellence, Innovation, Naturalness and Conviviality

Gérard Bertrand has created, on each of his estates, exceptional wines from unique plots of land, chosen from among the most beautiful terroirs of the Languedoc. These plots, selected for their exceptional ampelographic and climatic situation, are positioned as great growths of the South of France, the quintessence of the Languedoc terroir.

Innovation is a key word for the Gérard Bertrand Group. It is essential to listen to consumers in order to meet their needs and each of their moments of consumption. Gérard Bertrand wines offer new experiences and moments to sublimate the collective adventures of wine lovers. Innovation is also achieved through innovative packaging, such as Cote des Roses among other things, it combines high-level design creativity with content excellence.

Occitania is the largest organic vineyard in France, representing alone 36% of the French organic vineyard and 7% of the world organic vineyard. It gathers all the assets favourable to organic viticulture. The geographical exposure, the Mediterranean climate (hot and windy) and the wide variety of resistant grape varieties make it easy to fight against parasites in the vines. As a pioneer of biodynamics in his vineyards, Gérard Bertrand wishes to support winegrowers who are committed to preserving the environment and to inspire the drive towards organic farming.

The will of Gérard Bertrand and his teams is to celebrate the Art De Vivre and to make the link between the great wines of the estates, gastronomy, art and lovers of beautiful encounters. Château l'Hospitalet is an hotel located in the heart of the protected massif of la Clape, and perfectly reflects the Mediterranean Art de Vivre. Being a biodynamic winery, Château l'Hospitalet is also a mecca for wine tourism in the South of France.

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