Genora Orange

Gérard Bertrand

Genora Orange

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Winemaker's note

Genora honours the first orange wines, studied and created 4500 years ago in Georgia. With this sensational cuvée, Gérard Bertrand delivers a radiant wine. Its orange colour gives the wine a sunny glow during the day, comparable to golden tiles. Genora is an original organic wine dating back to the origins of the first wines that carries its innovative character in its color.

Vinification & Maturing

Genora is made using an ancient and traditional wine making technique. First, the white grapes are vinified and then fermented in whole bunches, like the red wines. This process containing the stalks and skins brings its singular, remarkable colour with golden reflections and a very singular tannicity. Genora is composed of exceptional grape varieties, essentially Mediterranean: Chardonnay and Grenache Blanc bring volume and Roussanne and Muscat complete the aromatic complexity of the wine. The choice of grape varieties and the control of the wine making process provide an orange wine of remarkable finesse and subtlety.

Tasting Notes

The nose is complex, with an explosion of aromas of white flowers, candied fruits and white pepper. Soft and tasty, its texture absorbs the palate.On the palate, freshness, subtle aromas, greedy. Finally, Genora offers a beautiful length that continues the journey and a fine bitter touch that awaken your senses

Food & Wine pairing

Genora is a perfect match for aperitifs, cheese platters and also Indian and Asian food. The wine should be enjoyed at 12°C to appreciate all its freshness and minerality. The complexity and richness of its palate will develop at 14°C.

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