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Chardonnay Grenache Blanc Viognier

Winemaker's note

French Cancan is an elegant sparkling wine that pays tribute to the rich tradition of French winemaking with a modern twist. Crafted from sun-drenched vineyards, its fine bubbles rise gracefully to the surface evoking the lively twirls of the traditional Cancan dance. Perfect for celebrating life's moments, or simply savoring a taste of the French art de vivre.

Winegrower's note

Grapes with a perfect balance between sugar and freshness. Working time from vine to cellar and pressing time are extremely short to preserve aromatic freshness. Use of reserve wines prepared since 2020. Aged for 6 months, part of which is spent on lees. The result is an elegant cuvée with fine bubbles.

Tasting notes

Beautiful, salmon-pink colour with glimmering reflections. A complex bouquet with longlasting aromas of red fruit - strawberry and raspberry - backed with hints of toasted bread. Delicate bubbles and an extraordinary vivacity on the palate, with a rich, indulgent texture.

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