Art de Vivre Clairette sweet white Wine
Art de Vivre Clairette sweet white Wine

Gérard Bertrand

Art de Vivre Clairette sweet white Wine

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Winemaker's note

Art de Vivre pays homage to the Mediterranean cradle, its preserved nature and its artists. Its unique bottle, made of natural clay, is an evocation of the first amphoras. Made from emblematic grape varieties of the South of France, this wine is an invitation to celebrate a vineyard that is twice a thousand years old, witness to a civilization and a living heritage of rare beauty.

Winegrower's note

The harvest of this ancestral grape variety is carried out in the morning between 5am and 8am in order to preserve its freshness. The harvest is carried out from the beginning to the end of September by plot selection. The grapes are directly put in the press and pressed under neutral gas in order to preserve a nice aromatic freshness. Only the first juices are selected. Fermentation is stopped by cold, at a controlled temperature between 13°C and 15°C to reach 12 grams of sugar.

Tasting notes

Its elegance makes this cuvée a reference of the appellation. This wine has an elegant straw-yellow colour decorated with green reflections that reflect its youth, a youth that can be found in the aromatic palette, carried on white flesh fruits (pear and peach) and plum. The palate is fresh, elegant and harmonious.

Food and Wine Pairing

To serve at 10°C as an aperitif or with fish and salads.