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Syrah Grenache Noir

Winegrower’s note

This cloudy, organic, vegan wine challenges norms and breaks with convention. It has an intriguing appearance, making you want to explore this new mystery and indulge in new pleasures. It is even more astonishing on the palate: its texture and feel, combined with the intensity of its aromas, create a whole new tasting experience.

Winemaker’s note

The grapes are harvested by hand and transported to une presses at cool temperatures. They are pressed gently to avoid extracting too much colour. Fermentation begins after settling and around 48 hours of rest time for the must. All of this takes place protected from oxidation until fermentation begins, at a low temperature of 15 to 18 degrees. The wine is not filtered or clarified, remaining cloudy. It is matured in vats to preserve its fruity aromas.

Tasting notes

This rosé wine offers a unique sensory experience thanks to its beautiful substance, giving it a velvety texture on the palate. Its range of aromas includes delicate floral notes and intense fresh fruit such as ripe strawberry and peach.

Food & Wine pairing

Serve chilled with pan con tomate and ham, grilled chicken salad or pizza.

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