Legend Vintage Maury 1929

Gérard Bertrand

Legend Vintage Maury 1929

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Winegrower's note

The soils of Maury are composed of schist and marl from the Secondary Era, the layered structure of which allows the roots to dig down into the ground to find the moisture they need to feed the vines. The black colour of the soil soaks up the heat
during the day and then releases it overnight, thereby helping the grapes to develop very high sugar levels.

Winemaker's note

Maury wines are fortified on the whole grains, meaning that alcohol is added. When this alcohol is added to the fermenting must, the fermentation process stops. The mixture is left to macerate for up to three weeks to achieve optimal extraction of the anthocyans, tannins and flavour, thereby producing wines with great ageing potential.

Tasting notes

Years of breeding have not wrinkled our dashing octogenarian. Its coat is limpid and brilliant, amber with a light brown caramel. On the nose, our Maury reveals a life of maturation and gives us the thread of its existence: intense notes of gingerbread, vanilla and cinnamon are the sign of a colourful vintage and a freshness that is still almost youthful for a wine that is over 80 years old. Notes of candied fruits and
cherries in brandy exacerbate this astonishing freshness. The ripeness is then reflected in aromas of blond tobacco, nuts and leather. On the palate, the tannins have completely melted, integrated into the perfect balance between a surprisingly vigorous persistence and the sweet warmth of candied sugar. The fruit is crunchy, the structure taut. The whole exudes harmony, finesse and complexity.

Food and Wine Pairing

Best served with Roquefort cheese, chocolate puddings or fruit.