Castellum Sauvignon Blanc

Gérard Bertrand

Castellum Sauvignon Blanc

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Winemaker's note

In the Middle Ages, Castellum referred to the central castle Castrum, a fortified hilltop village in the Languedoc. The name of this cuvée evokes the fortifications of the Cité de Carcassonne, a UNESCO World Heritage by UNESCO. This medieval city built in the 13th century and internationally renowned attracts millions of visitors every year.
Castellum is a selection of the best parcels from the Domaine de l'Estagnère, situated at the foot of this between the Pyrenees to the south and the Montagne Noire to the
to the north. It benefits from a Mediterranean climate tempered by altitude and oceanic influences from the Atlantic.

Winegrower's note

The work begins in the vineyard with meticulous care to obtain healthy, well-exposed foliage. The grapes must be at optimum ripeness. A plot-by-plot selection is carried out on the clay-limestone plateaux of Domaine de l'Estagnère. The grapes are harvested
with destemming and sorting of the berries during a two-stage harvested in two stages in late August and early September to express the typical Sauvignon Blanc character.
Harvesting takes place early in the morning to guarantee the freshness of the fruit.
freshness of the fruit, with gentle pressing to preserve the aromatic character of the grape variety. Fermentation begins in vats, then part of the juice is aged in vats (1/3)
and the other part (2/3) will finish its fermentation in barrels. Aging in oak barrels lasts between 6 and 8 months before bottling.

Tasting notes

Brilliant color with green highlights. The nose is straightforward reveals great aromatic richness and complexity, with intense aromas of boxwood, blackcurrant buds, white flowers as well as mineral and exotic fruit notes.
exotic fruits. A beautiful balance marked by roundness and length on the palate, typical of the finest Sauvignon.

Food and Wine Pairing

À servir à 11°C avec des poissons cuisinés et viandes blanches. Un beau potentiel de garde entre 5 à 10 ans.