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Syrah Grenache

Winegrower's note

Driven by a passion for the Mediterranean art of living an owner of leading estates in the South of France, Gérard Bertrand reveals the unique expression of the "Terroirs" of this region. The climate, warm and windy ("semiarid Mediterranean climate with mild winter variations"), favours the ripening of the grapes and their good condition, while retaining freshness thanks to the altitude and the effect of the sea, which attenuates the high summer temperatures.

Winemaker's note

The different grape varieties are harvested manually and separately, in order to obtain the optimal maturity for each one, the Syrah being generally the earliest. The vinification is also adapted to each grape variety, in order to respect their own characteristics and the capacities of the terroirs. A part of the Syrah is vinified in whole bunches, with a vatting period of about 15 days. The Grenache is destemmed, and the
maceration lasts for about 3 weeks. The extraction work is carefully adapted to each vat, in order to favour a good extraction of the varietal aromas, as well as a silky and dense structure. A part of the wine is matured in 225-liter Bordeaux barrels for about 10 months, with the wine being put into barrels as soon as it is pressed.

Tasting notes

The colour is dark with shades of purple. This wine develops aromas of ripe fruit, plum,
kirsch, blueberry and spices. The finish is long and reveals notes of smoke and chocolate.

Food and Wine Pairing

To be enjoyed at 18°C with grilled meats, roasted meats and poultry or matured cheeses.

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